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Personality Development Training Kerala

Personality Development / Soft Skill

Soft skills are the most important skills required for anyone to be successful in life be it the confidence to face people, fearlessly to deal with difficult situation or just to be effective in everything you do in life. Many individuals who are rightly skilled to face interviews fail to impress the interviewers due to lack of confidence or fear of failure. Many people underachieve due to their limiting believes. The belief somehow got registered in their mind when they were young. Some of the negative messages we hear from either our parents, teachers, friends or anyone around sometimes remain in our subconscious mind and acts as acts as a deterrent to facing challenges we could easily overcome, facing audience or performing things that you know you can. Interestingly, may of us accept these problems or challenges as our personality itself and don’t realize that these things can be dealt with easily. These problems can be sorted out easily ones for all by experts.

Most sought after soft skills are communication skills, confidence, positive attitude, team skills, enthusiasm, motivation, convincing skills, organizational skills dedication and commitment. Unfortunately, soft skills are more time consuming to learn and improve compared to hard skills

Therefore, it is important to focus on soft skills to fetch a job with a good corporate and to build a successful career. Soft skills need to be continuously improved in order to ensure you have the right level of soft skills required to perform not only your current job role, but the next level too.

Soft skills determine the personality of an individual. It requires constant sharpening

We offer Personality Development /Soft skills to Students to prepare them for Corporate Jobs as well as for experienced professional to improve their performance and to help them grow up the ladder at a faster pace.

Topics would include combination of some of the following depending on the needs of individual.

  • Project Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Leadership Styles
  • Decision Making
  • Team vs Group
  • Manager vs Leader
  • Team Development
  • Team Building – Out Bound
  • Maintaining High performing Climate
  • Managing your Manager
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Performance Assessments
  • Effective Workplace Communication
  • Convincing Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Probing Skills
  • Making a powerful Self Introduction
  • Fluency - Just a minute (JAM)
  • Casual vs Business English
  • American vs British English
  • Indian vs International English
  • Writing/Documenting Skills
  • Email Etiquette
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Tele Conference Etiquette
  • Live Chat Etiquette
  • Dining Manners
  • Body Language
  • Customer Service Excellence

Public Speaking:

Public speaking is the most sought-after training among all other soft skill trainings. We offer regular batches of Public Speaking training. We typically cover the following as part of Public speaking training.

Making a powerful self-introduction

  • Just a Minute (JAM)
  • Extempore
  • Group Discussion
  • Prepared speeches
  • Presentations

We also help in improving your body language to suit any occasions or situations to create an impression.

Dealing with Phobias:

Every individual has the potential to be multiple times more effective than they are today, as their self-belief in their capabilities are impacted by their limiting factors. The fear of failure and self-doubt are the most common limiting problems among all other phobias like Social Phobias, Claustrophobia, Acrophobia etc. Almost always, these are caused by our experiences we have gone through when we were young either as a child or during our adolescence period. These can be easily dealt with using various techniques. However, people are hesitant to approach a Psychiatrist or Phycologists to deal with these issues due to various misconceptions in pour society. We have people who have the expertise in helping people overcome such problems. Of course, confidentiality of our client’s details will be treated with utmost care.

Personal Coach / Life Coach

Though attending Personality Development or Soft Skill training would help learn and make improvements to our competencies and personality, having a mentor to guide you through challenges of your career and life would help anyone to take a leap in their career and personal effectiveness. Our Trainers who are certified Hypnotherapists and certified Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioners could help you be a successful individual in personal front as well as professionally.

Young entrepreneurs who choose to have a personal coach are far more successful than others, as they are able to tap into the long-standing life and professional experience of their guide and his expertise in using techniques to improve personal effectiveness.