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Interview Skills Training Cochin

Interview Facing Skills

We offer interview training for the following categories:

  • Senior leadership position interviews
  • Mid Management or Supervisory roles
  • Junior technical positions
  • UPSC interviews
  • Business School Interviews
  • Campus Interviews / Fresher Interviews

Ability to face Interview gracefully is an art. You can develop this skill so that you will be able to excel in your career. Interviews are part of and parcel of corporate career. Interviews are used not just for recruitment, but even for selection for some key roles within a company too. Therefore, mastering the art of facing interview will make you triumphant.

Interviews are conducted differently for different roles depending on the role you are going to be considered for. Therefore, it is important to project your personality, skills, strengths and competencies in line with the Job description. Therefore, it is important to get trained by experienced trainer.

Our process:

  • Initial assessment: We will assess your competencies and in comparison, with the Job Description and make an assessment on the aspects that require self-preparation and appropriate answers and examples.
  • Understanding Interview process and preparation: It is important to understand how interviews are performed in order to prepare to face it well. Learning how to make a powerful self-introduction is the key to successfully facing any interview. Typically, all managerial or HR interviews are conducted in a very structured manner to make a complete assessment of an individual in a limited time. Therefore, knowing the method in which interviews are done will help make very good interview preparation. Also preparing to answer the most commonly asked questions in the most tactful ways will ensure face the interview confidently and make it in your favour.
  • Resume preparation: Resume should be carefully written to highlight all your skills and competencies that are in line with Job description. We will help you make it project you in the most impressive way.
  • Mastering positive Body Language: We will train you to fine tune your body language to make an impression and ensure success in your interview.
  • Mock Interviews: Rehearsal interviews are done multiple times and will feedback be provided until you are confident to face interviews.

Mode of Training:

We offer one-on-one training online as well as off-line and Off-line Group training at our centre in Kakkanad, Kochi as well as College camouses. We also provide Interview training support to Colleges Campuses as well as other Technical training Institutes.

Placement Trainings for Collages and Institutes:

For Freshers/Final year students of Engineering, MBA, MCA, BBA etc., we offer Campus Recruitment Training to prepare students to face and sail through the Campus Selection process. We offer the same for Technical Training institutes too.

Campus Recruitment Training (CRT)

Our Campus Recruitment Training includes the following modules:

  • Resume Writing
  • Aptitude (Quantitative, Reasoning and Verbal)
  • Just a Minute (JAM)
  • Group Discussions
  • Case Study Discussions
  • Interview Facing skills
  • Mock Interviews