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Campus to Corporate Course Kochi

Campus to Corporate

This training is ideal for Small and Medium sized companies who recruit freshers (Graduates/Post Graduates) through Campus Placement Drives or Off-Campus Placement Drives. Mind set of students need to be moulded to suit the corporate world to make them transition smoothly and become part of the rest of the experienced employees and thereby become productive from the day 1 of their career. While large corporates have internal training team to groom the new recruits and induct them to corporate culture, small and medium sized companies fail to do this. This leads to lots of challenges to their team Leaders and Managers to manage them and get good productive output from them. A focused training to induct them to work culture of the company is essential both from employees’ as well as from the management perspectives.

We at Skillup Global with long years of corporate experience know exactly expectation of corporate companies and fulfil this task for them. The following are the recommended topics to be covered. However, additional topics could be included based on the needs of each organization.

  • Business Communication
    • Making a powerful Self Introduction
    • Fluency - Just a minute (JAM)
    • Informal vs Business English
    • American vs British English
    • International English vs Indian English
    • Writing/Documenting Skills
    • Email Etiquette
    • Group Discussion – Rules and Practice
    • Meeting Etiquette
    • Telephone Etiquette
    • Tele Conference Etiquette
    • Dinning Etiquette
    • Convincing Skills
    • Presentation and Public Speaking Skills
    • Body Language
  • Attitude
    • Positive Thinking
    • Thinking Out of Box
    • Critical Thinking
    • Being a Change Agent
  • Productivity
    • Time Management
    • Career Goal Setting
    • Financial Planning
    • Stress Management & Work Life Balance
  • Ethics, Values and Professionalism
    • Company’s Core Values, Vision and Mission
    • Punctuality
    • Data security and confidentiality ( PI & SPI )
    • Confidentiality
    • Integrity
    • Harassment (including Bullying)
    • Rights and Duties
    • Ethics and Values
    • Unacceptable behaviours
    • Trust and Commitment
  • Team Development in a Project Environment
    • Group vs Team
    • Manager vs Leader
    • Team Building Games and Activities
    • A simulated project environment– The Bridge Game
    • Debrief to learn – R&R, importance of Knowledge Sharing, Supporting others and win as a team