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Corporate Trainings

While large corporates have understood the benefits of training and upskilling their staff to achieve higher productivity, professionalism, effective communication and better work environment, most of the small and medium companies fail to recognize the value. This may be due to cost pressure or simply because they are overwhelmed with their own day today business challenges.

Some companies recognizes the need to train their staff to improve communication skills, but they tend to approach their existing training partners who provide Technology trainings, who in turn, hire freelance soft skill trainers to offer these trainings. While these freelancers might be good at helping people improve their spoken language, they usually (not always though) lacks professional corporate experience and exposure themselves to provide the adequate training really required by these companies to elevate their staff to make them manage their customers (especially western clients). Professional etiquettes and way of communication required in a multi-national operation set up must be in line with the international standards and various cultural aspects must be taken into account in designing the training modules.

At SkillUp Global, we understand this skill gap and offer training programs needed by the industry. We have hand-picked trainers who were ex-corporates with international experience and expertise. Experience our offerings and find the difference yourself.

Following are some of our courses.

Campus to Corporate

Transition your Campus Recruits to Corporate Environment

Personality Development/ Soft Skill

Confidence, Public Speaking, Positive Thinking, Social skills, Organizing Skills

Leadership Skills

Business English, Listening Skills, Escalation Management, Convincing skills, Time Management, Communication Etiquettes

Pre Departure Orientation

Pre departure course for first time travellers to ensure pleasent travel, comfortable stay and progressive profession in foreign countries